• OFSTED’s new handbook announces that inspectors will be undertaking “deep dives”.

    So Claire’s school has announced that all teachers must now take diving lessons.

    Claire wonders if the pressure on her will increase.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Greta Knows 4 weeks ago

    Greta (16) has talked about Climate Change.

    At the mention of her name, middle class nerds around the world are drooling as they blockade city centres.

    Let’s put 16 year olds in charge of everything!

    What […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, FCCT Ooops! 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Teacher Tom is an avid Twitter user. Many seem to add FCCT to their Twitter name.

    Tom wonders why so much rudeness.

    Surely shouting F**k Chartered College of Teachers is not a nice look.

  • Sara wrote a new post, No Exclusions 1 month ago

    Josephine is an edu-twitter “teacher” who believes schools should never exclude pupils.

    Josephine taught for 2 years in a one form entry primary school in the country, and is now an “expert” on SEN.

    She […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, Rebel Teachers 1 month ago

    Middle Class teacher Jenny felt it was jolly important to get arrested for being a member of #ExtinctionRebellion. Climate change was going to kill everyone!

    Jenny had checked beforehand that her headteacher […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, Pretend Teachers 2 months ago

    Cathy is a qualified teacher but has not taught for 10+ years.

    Cathy has strong views & makes a living writing books, or consulting, telling others how to teach.

    Some very experienced & current classroom […]

  • Teacher Brian is a Twitter user. There has been a lot of discussion about how disgraceful it is for a teacher to shout at a student. Twitter teachers say students must be protected from this.

    When Brian’s […]

  • OFSTED is now demanding that schools demonstrate “deeper learning”.

    OFSTED’s vice like grip continues!

  • Are you looking for the answers to all questions?
    Are you a teacher?
    Be like Dan!

  • OFSTED says it has had positive feedback on its plan for an inspector to break the headteacher’s leg the day before inspection.

    Headteacher Simon (seen here with broken leg), seemed a bit broken by his […]

  • Headteacher Tracy is a firm believer in a disciplined school environment.

    She excludes pupils who seriously disrupt learning.

    She is now told she is responsible for the huge increase in knife crime and […]

  • This is NQT Darren. He follows all the latest EEF research.

    The latest showed that he could add 4 months of progress to his 5 year old pupils.

    Darren decided to use all 200 EEF programmes and he added 800 […]

  • Secondary Headteacher Mary is preparing for her interview with the inspector, under the new OFSTED focus on the curriculum.

    “What does your school teach about Colombia, in which subject, and to which year […]

  • Year 1 teacher Jennifer is gamely having a go at the new music curriculum for 5 year olds.

    Schools Minister Mr Gibb, who is a keen classical music buff, chose the Royal Schools of Music to develop the […]

  • Infant school Headteacher Mrs Marsh was thoughtful.

    When assessing reception students on the new baseline test, should she be “generous” or “harsh” with her marking?

    If she did not demonstrate value added in […]

  • David is a modern metro-sexual teacher of the 21st Century.

    David genuinely supports women having flexible working hours.

    In his school most of the staff are women, and most of them have flexible part-time […]

  • Headteacher Geraldine is preparing papers for the governors’ meeting.

    Papers are sent to governors before each meeting, but Geraldine knows that most of the governors will not read any of them. Or if they do, […]

  • Felix has¬†competence¬†with the skateboard. He can do it.

    He can do it rather well. He has learnt how to do it.

    The edu-twitter fanatics want to know if this is due to skills or knowledge.

    They do want F […]

  • Mr Thomas came into teaching because he loved his subject.

    He loved explaining things to children.

    Now Mr Thomas is told to research how to teach.

    He has to consider how brains work.

    Mr Thomas no […]

  • Like many other teachers James was drowning.

    Drowning under the weight of accountability frameworks.

    Drowning under the pressure over which he had no control.

    To save James from his fate, OFSTED offered […]

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