• No more “booths”

    No need for detentions!

    No more low level […]

  • Jenny used to love exciting lessons.
    The teacher developed the lesson and she was surprised and excited.

    Then everything changed!
    The teacher now makes a list on the board, of everything that is going to […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, Verbal Feedback 1 week ago

    Teacher Joe Thomas liked giving verbal feedback.

    He didn’t like then having to find little Sophie’s exercise book, and writing:

    Today’s Date
    Verbal Feedback Given
    Signed Mr Thomas

    Just in case […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, Lesson Starters 1 week ago

    Mr Smith had been teaching longer than he would like to admit.

    He did try to keep up to date.

    Some said he was rather late coming to the idea of lesson starters.

    The children loved his lessons.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Brain Gym 1 week, 1 day ago

    Simon remembers all those CPD sessions on Brain Gym.

    He particularly liked having his “brain button” pressed.

    All this has now been dismissed as bunkum.

    But until the teaching profession falls for another […]

  • Gerald trained as a teacher in the 1980s, As a professional!

    Now there are so many red lines he is not allowed to cross.

    “Sod it”, said Gerald.

    Be more like Gerald.

  • Geography teacher Mr Simons has been teaching for 30 years.

    What he calls “teaching” is now hailed as “Direct Instruction”.

    “There’s nothing new in teaching”, says Mr Simons.


  • She had been dreading this all day.

    Head of Year Mrs Jones had that sinking feeling!

  • After 20 years teaching, Ms Smith felt it was time to update herself on new educational ideas.

    “Growth Mindset is really rather fun”, she thought.
    Growth, mind, growth, mind, growth, mind, growth, mind […]

  • After her maintained school joined the Multi Academy Trust, Headteacher Mrs Thomas and her Deputy were left wondering:

    Are the extra Academy freedoms they now had, real or illusory?

  • Sara wrote a new post, Dual Coding 1 week, 2 days ago

    Mr Tibbles liked to keep up with all the latest teaching trends.

    He was finding “dual coding” very helpful in finding his next meal.

  • Sara wrote a new post, TeachFirst 1 week, 3 days ago

    After Winchester, Oxbridge, and 5 weeks’ TeachFirst training, Robert was fully prepared to spend 2 years teaching lower class poor children;

    before joining the family business in the City.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Email Bans 1 week, 3 days ago

    Headteacher Josephine has introduced a new policy of banning emails at weekends.

    But surely staff don’t mind a few from the headteacher on a quiet Sunday!

  • We have made some free “Thank You” cards that you can download here.

    We are now ready to make some more free cards for YOU.

    Let us know what topic you would like the card to be on, and if it is popular we […]

  • The Department for Education has spent £500,000 on first class travel, “to avoid attention from the public”.

    Due to lack of attention from the public, Headteacher Joanne is having to count the pennies, to […]

  • This is Shane.

    Shane left school a year ago. He has no job and no prospects.

    His teachers told him they didn’t believe it was their job to prepare him for the world of work.

    So they didn’t.

    And he’s got no job.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Mental Happiness 4 weeks ago

    The DfE announced that new teachers will be given mental health training.

    This will “make clear schools’ responsibilities to protect children’s mental well-being”.

    Teacher Mr Thomas was happy that zero fu […]

  • Over the years Teacher Simon has fondly compared his students to many things.

    But Simon is a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to Twitter.

    Now he is in Twitter hell for comparing students to […]

  • Teacher Denise remembers Education Secretary Michael Gove.

    He called her part of “The Blob”.

    He destroyed her life as a teacher!

    Now she realises it must have been the Coke messing with his head.

  • OFSTED inspector Amanda says that OFSTED is totally against schools “off-rolling” low achieving pupils. OFSTED believes in equality.

    She told reporters that Betta Academy has been graded “outstanding”, despite […]

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