• OFSTED requires schools to create a curriculum from scratch.

    So Felix decided to waste even more time, and create the alphabet from scratch.

    Felix wonders when teachers will come to their senses!


  • For 4 million years humans have been teaching their children (successfully).

    In the past 5 years children stopped learning, if teachers didn’t have a Cognitive Science degree (according to OFSTED).


  • OFSTED’s claims to genuinely listen to criticism were dealt a blow when we visited their Head Office today.


  • How we laughed at Brain Gym! Things are so much better now.
    Cognitive Load Theory
    Pupils “building interconnecting schema in their heads”.
    No overloading of Working Memory
    Spaced […]

  • Exclude a pupil for 1 day = Cannot be “Outstanding”.

    Pupils cannot define Business vs Enterprise = “Requires Improvement”.

    2 Year KS3 = “Special Measures”

    #CatTeachers #PauseOfsted

  • Latest OFSTED Inspection Guidance

    “The acquisition of knowledge through a well-planned, carefully structured and sequenced curriculum enables pupils to build an interconnecting schema. Expertise depends on rich […]

  • An OFSTED spokesperson said,

    “The feedback we receive after an inspection continues to be very positive”.

    #CatTeachers #PauseOfsted

  • OFSTED has relaxed inspection regulations for one year.

    Headteacher Steve looks forward to drowning next year.


  • Get ready to be failed by OFSTED.

    Here are the details of what OFSTED are really looking for.

    You could not make this stuff up! These are the actual briefing notes for OFSTED inspectors!

    Yet again, truth […]

  • Sara wrote a new post, Overload 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Teacher Dave has been told he “must NOT overload working memory”.

    Dave remembers the time before all this cognitive science crap.

    Happy times!



  • In the endless search for the best way to destroy the teaching profession, who will win the battle?


  • Sara wrote a new post, ASCL 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Association for Self-Interest and Complacent Lethargy

    A spokesperson for ASCL said

    “Join us and we promise to do bugger all”.


  • ASCL have said today that they would NOT support calls to #PauseOfsted.

    Rex the dog wonders if L stands for Pathetic.


  • Sara wrote a new post, #PauseOfsted 2 months ago

    OFSTED is destroying our education system.

    Enough is enough.

    Time to press PAUSE!

    #CatTeacher #CatTeachers


  • Sara wrote a new post, Dress Sense 2 months ago

    Teacher Julie believed it was a woman’s right to wear whatever she wanted in class.

    No man was going to tell her what was appropriate or not!


  • Sara wrote a new post, OFSTED Handbook 2 months ago

    Under the latest OFSTED framework, schools are no longer judged on exam results.

    Headteachers are now reporting quite bizarre methods being used by inspectors.


  • Headteacher Lynne’s school is the most successful in her region. Top class results year after year.

    OFSTED has classified the school as “Requires Improvement” because the school has a 2 year KS3.

    An OFSTED […]

  • The Head of Dept, Deputy Head, Headteacher, Executive Head and a governor, were watching him teach.

    “Just ignore us”, they said.

    David thought “Learning Walks” are getting out of hand.

    David knew it was […]

  • Mark has been teaching for 15 years.

    Now he must incorporate “Powerful Knowledge” into lessons.

    Mark says he’d do more good preparing students for exams.
    That’s Mark’s Powerful Knowledge!


  • Brian is that rarity, a male teacher in a Primary School.

    Brian is a great believer in having male role models for boys.

    His motto is #HeforShe solidarity.

    #CatTeachers #WomenEd

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