• Now that parents have found Ms Jones on Twitter, she has to deal with queries that the whole world can read.

    Parent grumbles about every sodding missing sock, newsletter, homework, now reach the whole of […]

  • Headteacher Jennifer was so pleased to receive the new DfE Character Education Guidance.

    DfE say it is just guidance, and not compulsory!

    No problem then.


  • Sara wrote a new post, Voting Age 2 weeks ago

    Miss James has heard that 16 year olds could be given the vote.

    “Would this help them to give homework in on time?”


  • After Missy identified as a dog, she got a lot more attention from university student activists.

    But would it last, she wondered!

  • As a teenager, little kitty knows everything. She reads The Guardian.

    She dismisses her mother as downright stupid.
    “Why are old cats so dim?”

    Luckily for little kitty, mum has grown up.



  • Miss Timms liked fashion but she was worried.

    Would her students accuse her of ‘cultural appropriation’?

    Some might say she is exploiting Mexicats.

    It was so much simpler before everyone “woke”!

    Time […]

  • Research has shown that fidget spinners actually distract, rather than aid pupils.

    Edu consultant Ms Busy Boddy urgently needs another fad to prove that only teachers like her really care for young people.

  • Like many teachers, Tom hoped to improve learning in his classroom.

    He wanted to find out if pupils wrote better with sharp pencils.

    Someone on Twitter told him this was called “Action Research”.

    “Wow!”, […]

  • Dr Miranda says she is a “teaching expert”.

    She appears on TV and radio and gives her “expert” views on what teachers think.

    Self awareness is Dr Miranda’s greatest skill!


  • Simon and Rowena have noticed that in education circles today, everything has to be “EVIDENCE” based.

    Evidence based learning!

    Evidence informed curriculum!

    As long as it is “evidence based”, you can sell […]

  • What have the Romans ever done for us?



    Just tell me one […]

  • Brian is a leader of many years.

    Despite that serious look, he knows that making the team work, is vital to everyone’s success.

    Brian says, “OUR team is now YOUR team”.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Brexit Wisdom? 4 months ago

    Mr Green is puzzled about the wisdom of young people.

    LibDems say that most 18-24 year olds voted to stay in the EU, “because of their wisdom and experience”.

    Statistics show that most fatal car […]

  • No more “booths”

    No need for detentions!

    No more low level disruption!

    Amazing new behaviour management technique boosts learning […]

  • Jenny used to love exciting lessons.
    Her teacher developed the lesson and she was surprised and excited.

    Then everything changed!
    Her teacher now makes a list on the board, of everything that is going to […]

  • Teacher Joe Thomas liked giving verbal feedback.

    He didn’t like then having to find little Sophie’s exercise book, and writing:

    Today’s Date
    Verbal Feedback Given
    Signed Mr Thomas

    Just in case […]

  • Mr Smith had been teaching longer than he would like to admit.

    He did try to keep up to date.

    Some said he was rather late coming to the idea of lesson starters.

    The children loved his lessons.

  • Sara wrote a new post, Brain Gym 4 months, 1 week ago

    Simon remembers all those CPD sessions on Brain Gym.

    He particularly liked having his “brain button” pressed.

    All this has now been dismissed as bunkum.

    But until the teaching profession falls for another […]

  • Gerald trained as a teacher in the 1980s, As a professional!

    Now there are so many red lines he is not allowed to cross.

    “Sod it”, said Gerald.

    Be more like Gerald.

  • Geography teacher Mr Simons has been teaching for 30 years.

    What he calls “teaching” is now hailed as “Direct Instruction”.

    “There’s nothing new in teaching”, says Mr Simons.


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