Our ‘Teacher in Training’ had a blast learning with our Ss about the letter ‘Kk’🔠🐈 #hcdsbk #CatTeacher ⁦@StVincentOak⁩

Miss Gunn’s cat hasn’t eaten her homework... but she has attacked her live lessons preparations for this week 🐾😻 @OldhamAcademy #CatsOnTwitter #CatTeachers

#CatTeachers Joseph, 36, forgot to turn his webcam off when he stood up and now year ten have seen his Simpsons pyjama bottoms. Joseph may resign due to embarrassment.

#catteachers John, 26, can’t seem to prop his webcam up for his remote learning, and realised his class had been staring at his neck for last 20 minutes

#catteachers since you guys are liking these again...

Simone, 33, is not looking forward to Year Nine French tomorrow, as three of them have learned the word ‘merde’ from somewhere

How about some new #CatTeachers to cheer us all up?
Eric has been staring at a screen all day. He can no longer move his neck.

New update of #CatTeacher ✨😸
https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/cat-teacher/im-felix/viewer?title_no=308617&episode_no=114 #Webtoon #WebtoonCanvas

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