10% Braver

Jane believes men & women should be treated equally. Equal pay for equal work. “Close the pay gap!” She also wants, Fridays off, late starts on […]

Part-Time SLT

Part-time SLT teachers Jodie and Jacinda love their stress-free 50:50 job share. They always leave the other to make every decision. Because they can be relied […]

FCCT CharteredCollege

FCCT = Forgotten Craft of the Classroom Teacher Loving your subject Explaining clearly Maintaining discipline NOT: Evidence based cognitive load research baloney, as proposed by Chartered […]

Teachers’ Manifesto

Alison is FCCT. Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. Chartered College Teachers’ Manifesto makes interesting reading. Time off every day for research. Part time working. […]

Action Research

Tom hoped to improve learning in his classroom. He wanted to find out if pupils wrote better with sharp pencils. Someone on Twitter told him this […]

Evidence Based Twaddle

Simon and Rowena have noticed that everything has to be “EVIDENCE” based. Evidence based learning! Evidence informed curriculum! As long as it is “evidence based”, you […]

Just Thinking

Veronica is one of the country’s 500,000 actually working teachers. She has been thinking. Why is she told to improve teaching by: reading research from people […]

Evidence Based Teaching

Part-time NQT Claire, is a member of the Chartered College of Teaching. She hopes to be a Fellow so that she can put FCCT after her […]

Chartered College React to OFSTED

The Chartered College of Teaching represents the Teaching Profession in England. “What is their position is on the latest OFSTED Framework?” This was their reaction. #catteachers […]