Teacher Unions

Teacher unions complain that government won’t involve them. The unions are open to ANY ideas, but this is their line in the sand, and they ARE […]

Competence or Charisma

Eric pondered. Does society want a teaching profession built on: Professional competence? Or Personal charisma?

Why #FBPE?

Tristan is a trendy Twitter user. He has #FBPE on his profile. No one knows why. Not even Tristan. #CatTeachers

Real Progressives

Jolyon liked to portray himself as “progressive”. But the real Jolyon clubbed a fox to death with a baseball bat, whilst wearing his old school blazer. […]


Student Joel is black. He got a Stormzy “black scholarship” to Cambridge because he is black. Student Eddie is white. He is not allowed a “white […]

Trans Rights

Sidney self identifies as a dog, and so is a dog. Those born as dogs don’t think this is fair. Sidney is happy. He likes winning. […]

Ban The Booths

Steve teaches at a school where they have “banned the booths”. When students were difficult in lessons they used to be sent to a referral room. […]

Balanced Views

Simon is a history teacher, head of year, and Twitter user. He knows that teachers shape the minds of young people, and the need for balance. […]

10% Braver

Jane believes men & women should be treated equally. Equal pay for equal work. “Close the pay gap!” She also wants, Fridays off, late starts on […]