Death of Teaching

Mr Thomas came into teaching because he loved his subject. He loved explaining things to children. Now Mr Thomas is told to research how to teach. […]

Cognitive Science Fads

Mrs Tibbycat was bombarded by messages about how best to feed her kittens. Had she read the latest research? Was she using applied Cognitive Science? Mrs […]

Oldschool Textbooks

Sara is an “oldschool” teacher. Back in the day publishers produced textbooks and hundreds of schools bought them. Hundreds of teachers delivered lessons using the textbooks. […]

Student Direct Action

Year 11 student Josh wanted to take some direct action. His friend toycat was protesting. So Josh decided to protest in the same way. They would […]

Pupil Politics

Mr Trendy Teacher had encouraged his students to bunk off school and attend the Climate Change demo. This went down well with all his fellow left […]

Spaced Learning

Miss Rogers had been on Twitter and read all about Spaced Learning. As an older teacher she asked one of her year 11 pupils to help […]

Retrieval Practice

Rodney being a new teacher is always keen to know about the latest ideas in pedagogy. He had just been to the latest INSET session on […]

Copier Jams

Bob decided to photocopy 50 two-sided sheets. Bob forgot that this almost certainly jams the machine. Bob is not very popular with other teachers. Bob decides […]

Act Like a Cat

Fetching is for dopes. Gidget has a brand new cattitude in the latest trailer for TheSecretLifeofPets2