Academy Malpractice

Bobcat the MAT CEO, was accused of malpractice. The finger was clearly pointed. A DfE spokesperson said, “We hold Academies to a higher level of scrutiny […]

New OFSTED Framework

Under the new OFSTED Framework, schools get 150 minutes notice of inspection. Headteacher June has just got the call, and decides to take decisive action.   […]

Chartered College React to OFSTED

The Chartered College of Teaching represents the Teaching Profession in England. So we asked them what their position is on the forthcoming revised OFSTED Framework. This […]

Cognitive Load Theory

Rodney has been teaching for 15 years. Over that time he has been forced to waste years of his life on the latest theories. Visual Audio […]

Head Enforces School’s Rules

Edu Twitter professional moaners showed their outrage, after a headteacher was exposed for maintaining the school’s rules. #catteachers #catteacher

MAT CEO Calls for Efficiencies

Here is Sir Simon Swaggerhips, CEO of WeAreGreat MAT. Today Sir Simon announced a call for sweeping efficiency savings. Management consultants from Sir Simon’s own company […]

Toadying or Caring?

There was a sense of unease. Talk in the staff room was that Headteacher Gerald had his favourites. Everyone wondered. How did some members of staff get more than their fair share of resources.

No Escape

Miss Daniels had just about had enough of kids messing about in her class. Sara thought she could just walk away from her teacher. No way!!!

Learning Walk

Meet Tom. Tom is an experienced teacher. He gets good results. His pupils enjoy his lessons. SLT have this policy of popping in on lessons for […]