Helpful Leadership

Several parents asked if the school could be more flexible. This is Headteacher Eric’s response. “We’re not here to help parents”, he said. #catteachers

Learning Exit

The Head of Dept, Deputy Head, Headteacher, Executive Head and a governor, were watching him teach. “Just ignore us”, they said. David thought “Learning Walks” are […]

Ban The Booths

Steve teaches at a school where they have “banned the booths”. When students were difficult in lessons they used to be sent to a referral room. […]

Have It All

Head of Maths and “have it all” mother Camilla, has demanded her “rights” to not working on Fridays, late starts and early finishes to manage her […]

Part-Time SLT

Part-time SLT teachers Jodie and Jacinda love their stress-free 50:50 job share. They always leave the other to make every decision. Because they can be relied […]

Ice Sculpture Wins

The Cat Prime Minister would not debate, so Channel 4 News replaced the PM with an ice sculpture. After an hour of debate by the other […]

Character Education

Headteacher Jennifer was so pleased to receive the new DfE Character Education Guidance. DfE say it is just guidance, and not compulsory! No problem then. #catteachers

The Teaching Expert

Dr Miranda says she is a “teaching expert”. She appears on TV and radio and gives her “expert” views on what teachers think. Self awareness is […]

Roman History

What have the Romans ever done for us? Aye? What? Just tell me one thing!