Progressive Parents

Headteacher Sam (pictured) has just received a holiday request letter from Jacinda’s mother, Mx Righton. Mx Righton wants to take Jacinda to the Caribbean for 3 […]

Absence Request

Headteacher Mr Jackson. He is busy in his office when Year 9 student Christina enters. Could she have permission to take the day off to attend […]

Zero Tolerance

“Rough and Tumble” in the corridors. Twitter experts question the new Head Teacher’s policy of zero tolerance, that aims to improve behaviour. The corridors are not […]

MAT Fat Cats

MAT CEO Sir Steven said his “fat cat” title was inappropriate. An annual pay rise of 18%, and a salary double that of the Prime Minister, […]

Academy Malpractice

Bobcat the MAT CEO, was accused of malpractice. The finger was clearly pointed. A DfE spokesperson said, “We hold Academies to a higher level of scrutiny […]

New OFSTED Framework

Under the new OFSTED Framework, schools get 150 minutes notice of inspection. Headteacher June has just got the call, and decides to take decisive action.   […]

Cognitive Load Theory

Rodney has been teaching for 15 years. Over that time he has been forced to waste years of his life on the latest theories. Visual Audio […]

Head Enforces School’s Rules

Edu Twitter professional moaners showed their outrage, after a headteacher was exposed for maintaining the school’s rules. #catteachers #catteacher

MAT CEO Calls for Efficiencies

Here is Sir Simon Swaggerhips, CEO of WeAreGreat MAT. Today Sir Simon announced a call for sweeping efficiency savings. Management consultants from Sir Simon’s own company […]