Maths Expert

This is Sue. She is listening to a maths expert telling her how to teach. Sue taught the maths expert. Now the maths expert is telling […]

The Pastoral Head

John is a pastoral lead at a large secondary school. He is on lunch duty. Just seen a large group of kids running outside talking about […]

World Book Day

Mr. Dean, 26, NQT Just been bollocked on World Book Day by Miss. Piper, Head of English. Mr Dean forgot to google ‘Is Pirates of the […]


DT teacher Dave Chubb has been the NUT rep since 1993. Dave couldn’t care less about anyone else’s working conditions. He knows it’ll be a cold […]

Happy Head

This is Gary. Gary is a primary headteacher. He has just been asked by a parent if he is winding down for Xmas.   #catteacher #catteachers

Head of English

This is David. He is the Head of English. Regularly attends data meetings where he has no idea what is going on. Just wants to get […]
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