Twitter Parents

Parents have found Ms Jones on Twitter, & she has to deal with queries 24/7. Grumbles about missing socks, newsletters, homework, now reach the whole of […]

EEF Months of Progress

This is NQT Darren. He follows all the latest EEF research. The latest showed that he could add 4 months of progress to his 5 year […]

First Class

Trainee teacher Felicity is just starting Teaching Practice. This is day 1. Meeting the class for the first time. #catteacher #catteachers

Theory Into Practice

David, 29, Double First in maths from Oxford. Just switched from banking to teaching. Time to make a real difference. Time to put theory into practice!!! How hard can teaching be?

Making The Effort

Bella is an NQT. She has pulled all the stops out for World Book Day this year. She’s mightily unimpressed that no other colleagues have made […]

Hills of Happiness

This is Emma, 21. Fresh out of uni. About to start her TeachFirst journey. She is excited to experience the “hills of happiness”.   #catteacher #catteachers

Student Opinion

This is Oisín. He’s been teaching science for just over a year. Today he was told the Earth is flat, by a student who tells him […]

Parents’ Evening

Lucinda is 32. NQT +1. She’s at parents’ evening. The parents sitting opposite her haven’t brought their daughter along. She’s almost 99% sure that their Olivia […]

Staff Meeting

This is Julie. Julie is an NQT at her first ever staff meeting. Julie focuses on looking attentive and polite to cover up the fact that […]