Diving with OFSTED

OFSTED’s new handbook announces that inspectors will be undertaking “deep dives”. So Claire’s school has announced that all teachers must now take diving lessons. Claire wonders […]

Deeper Learning

OFSTED is now demanding that schools demonstrate “deeper learning”. OFSTED’s vice like grip continues!

OFSTED Breaks Heads

OFSTED says it has had positive feedback on its plan for an inspector to break the headteacher’s leg the day before inspection. Headteacher Simon (seen here […]

OFSTED Curriculum Questions

Secondary Headteacher Mary is preparing for her interview with the inspector, under the new OFSTED focus on the curriculum. “What does your school teach about Colombia, […]

Reception Baseline Assessment

Infant school Headteacher Mrs Marsh was thoughtful. When assessing reception students on the new baseline test, should she be “generous” or “harsh” with her marking? If […]

OFSTED Consultation

Like many other teachers James was drowning. Drowning under the weight of accountability frameworks. Drowning under the pressure over which he had no control. To save […]


Cassie was caught red handed stealing food. Her mucky paws were everywhere and the whole family were disgusted by her behaviour. “What have you got to […]

OFSTED Consultation Con

Sharon has been teaching for many years under various OFSTED frameworks. Now she is being asked to comment on the latest OFSTED Framework proposals. She thinks […]

OFSTED 2019 – Pressure

Headteacher Brian, aged 50. Every day between 9 am and 10.30 am, Brian waited for a call from the random OFSTED inspector who had the power […]