Ms Tiddles teaches PSHE. The curriculum she teaches clearly states that stereotyping is wrong. But, Ms Tiddles still has concerns that she is going to be […]

The “Little Shit”

Here’s Head of Year 9, Mrs Peterson. She has just taken a phone call from James’ mum (who has an English PhD). James’ mum did authorise […]

Pupil Politics

Mr Trendy Teacher had encouraged his students to bunk off school and attend the Climate Change demo. This went down well with all his fellow left […]


Belinda has been Head of Year 11 for 18 years. Now that her own children have finished university she has a bit more spare cash for […]

The Pastoral Head

John is a pastoral lead at a large secondary school. He is on lunch duty. Just seen a large group of kids running outside talking about […]

Break Duty

Sandra, 49. KS1 lead with a passion for re-stapling other people’s shoddy displays. Sandra can’t remember the last time she did a break duty and it […]