Self Awareness

Geoff has been teaching KS3 science for 5 years. Working in a shortage subject he found it easy to get a job in teaching. He was content with his work. But other teachers thought self awareness was not Geoff’s strong point.

Theory Into Practice

David, 29, Double First in maths from Oxford. Just switched from banking to teaching. Time to make a real difference. Time to put theory into practice!!! How hard can teaching be?

Killer Stare

Irene, 30 years an English Teacher, is not fooled by year 11 students texting under the desk. That killer stare is perfection. #catteacher #catteachers


This is Mr Davies. This is his reaction when a student tells him they have underlined the date and title without prompting.   #catteacher #catteachers  

I Can’t Do It!

Brett, 35, maths teacher. When a student says “I can’t do it”. Only 0.2 seconds after handing them the sheet.   #catteacher #catteachers

Student Opinion

This is Oisín. He’s been teaching science for just over a year. Today he was told the Earth is flat, by a student who tells him […]

Maths Expert

This is Sue. She is listening to a maths expert telling her how to teach. Sue taught the maths expert. Now the maths expert is telling […]

Drama Teacher

Carl, 41. Drama teacher. Once appeared on Eastenders though prefers to talk about his ‘theatre days’. Uses the walk to school to compose haikus he then […]

German Homework

This is Alice. She’s a language teacher. One of her Y8 German class is denying vehemently having used Google Translate to do his homework. Alice points […]