The Soma cube is a puzzle invented in 1933.
Download free and make the shapes in the video.
The download is a pdf file containing all 7 shapes.
Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print.
The challenge is to fit all the assembled shapes together so that they make a single large cube. This is the Soma Puzzle.

Make more shapes for yourself from templatemaker

The shapes look like this before they are cut out and assembled. Cut round the outside and fold along the dotted lines. Add glue to the tabs to hold the shape together.

Page 1: Piece V

Page 2: Piece L

Page 3: Piece T

Page 4: Piece Z

Page 5: Piece A

Page 6: Piece B

Page 7: Piece P

It is quite challenging to solve this problem and fit all the pieces together. This video shows one way in which it can be done. There are 240 different ways to solve this puzzle. The world record for solving it is less than 3 seconds!
Can you beat the record?

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