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Alethiometer Spinner

After you have bought your Alethiometer from CatTeachers, perhaps you would like to take it for a spin. There are 36 symbols around the edge of the Alethiometer. Which will you land on?

Meanings of the Symbols

Thunder bolt - Inspiration:- Fate:- Chance:
Griffin - Treasure:- Watchfulness:- Courage:
Horse - Europe:- Journey:- Fidelity:
Bull - Earth:- Power:- Honesty:
Tree - Firmness:- Shelter:- Fertility:
Cauldron - Alchemy:- Craft:- Wisdom:
Bird - The Soul:- Spring:- Marriage:
Sword - Justice:- Fortitude:- Magisterium:
Dolphin - Water:- Resurrection:- Succor:
Helmut - War:- Protection:- Narrow Vision:
Baby - The Future:- Malleability:- Helplessness:
Globe - Politics:- Sovereignty:- Fame:
Owl - Night:- Winter:- Fear:
Anchor - Hope:- Steadfastness:- Prevention:
Bee - Productivity:- Sweetness:- Light:
Crocodile - America:- Rapacity:- Enterprise:
Candle - Fire:- Faith:- Learning:
Angel - Messenger:- Hierarchy:- Disobedience:
Cornucopia - Wealth:- Autumn:- Hospitality:
Compass - Measurement:- Mathematics:- Science:
Elephant - Africa:- Charity:- Continence:
Camel - Asia:- Summer:- Perseverance:
Marionette - Obedience:- Submission:- Grace:
Chameleon - Air:- Greed:- Patience:
Apple - Sin:- Knowledge- Vanity:
Madonna - Motherhood:- The Feminine:- Worship:
Bread - Nourishment:- Shepherd:- Sacrifice:
Alpha/Omega - Finality:- Process:- Inevitability:
Moon - Chastity:- Mystery:- The Uncanny:
Walled Garden - Nature:- Innocence:- Order:
Lute - Poetry:- Rhetoric:- Philosophy
Ant - Mechanics:- Diligence:- Tedium:
Sun - Day:- Authority:- Truth:
Wildman - Wild Man:- The Masculine:- Lust:
Serpent - Evil:- Cunning:- Sensibility:
Hourglass - Time:- Death:- Change:

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