@SwailesRuth @NAHTnews @NEUnion @NASUWT I think it's time for a #pauseofsted pilot. One locality, or maybe a group of schools or MATs, have 3-5 Ofsted-free years, with a clear plan for peer review and self-evaluation. We can then see how these schools have improved compared to others, by results or otherwise.

Sad to see that working part-time is still a challenge for the majority of teachers. Would be good to know if this is defined as 0.2 or 0.8 etc.

Plus, most would #pauseOfsted + are planning for remote learning/covering lessons is the order of the week...


We have been calling on serving school leaders to make themselves unavailable for working as inspectors for some time now #PauseOfsted. We are extremely pleased that @Ofstednews are recognising that this is now important.

Looking an increasingly sensible call to #PauseOfsted until after Feb half term 2022 by @NEUnion & @NASUWT https://neu.org.uk/press-releases/education-unions-call-pause-routine-ofsted-inspections?utm_source=organic+social&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Pause+Ofsted&utm_content=Press+release
Schools will not have been functioning normally, for many months, at that point, so #DeferOfsted should be automatic if a school requests it

The government is looking for an army of people to get boosters into arms. It's clearly inappropriate for school inspection to continue in the medium to long term. Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Time for the HMI team to roll up their sleeves and get jabbing? #PauseOfsted

Here is your weekend reminder of the commitment @ofstednews have made regarding your wellbeing.

➡️ Ofsted *will* take your wellbeing into account and ensure it is quality assured.

*Your wellbeing matters* 🤔


I’m going to stick my neck out and against all the odds- a renewed focus and additional funding - state there will be another pause in Ofsted inspections. The added pressure on schools (again) is too much for HMCI to ignore…


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