@HeadsRoundtable - your #pauseofsted campaign should now perhaps be stepped up a notch. Time schools, collectively, said ‘NO’ to this anachronistic organisation. Time for change. @BBCNews @itvnews @SkyNews @SchoolsWeek @tes

Spielman on @bbc5live, without a hint of self-awareness, acknowledged the huge pressures school leaders and their staff are under, but totally failed to see @Ofstednews' role in piling that pressure on.


@debrakidd Also, illegal exclusions were what the new Ofsted framework was primed to investigate, as well as poor quality SEND, but then a good number of HTs of Outstanding Schools (uninspected for a decade) suddenly found that to be a good time to demand everyone #PauseOfsted I wonder! 🤔

Thanks for the RT @blondebonce
We must #PauseTests to focus on literal #lifeskills
And we must #PauseOfsted
Our children are the future not data!#HeadsTogether

Spare a thought for teachers/school leaders who have worked tirelessly to improve standards over the last year or so... only to hear that Ofsted has abandoned inspections for the immediate future.

It is time to end the grades.
#pauseOfsted #SLTchat https://t.co/h8eeITNL6E

The science (research) is clear!

Independent teachers work as many hours as state schools teachers, but they have lower stress (Brady, 2020)

State schools in England suffer 'hard accountability' and 'thin theory' for school improvement (Mehta, 2013)

#pauseOfsted #EdDchat

Have long argued that the slowly-growing professional revolt over Ofsted ( #PauseOfsted etc) was a channelled version of Brexity frustrations applied to the structural inequalities of education

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