Dear @Ofstednews . Parents with good understanding & insight into the Ed system do not agree with #PauseOfsted. If you need us as temp Inspectors to support you through this nonsense I can start an agency, - let me know: @amanda_spielman

The various #pauseofsted blogs and comments only confirm for me that:
1. There is no real consensus on what things should look like
2. Some big changes are proposed that would need years to develop
For both reasons, I think the current campaign looks hasty and reactive.

If Not Now, When? asks @robcampbe11
Another voice on #PauseOfsted; we are a different system to the one that needed Ofsted in 1992

Full on Ofsted anxiety dream last night.

No, it doesn't affect people at all. Just do what you normally do, of course, nothing to worry about.

@siantutors @StarlightMcKenz @robcampbe11 *Edit: It’s from Ofsted’s RE-inspection report, so after already being given a WSOA from the 1st inspection & nothing more will be done unless DFE/Gov give the go ahead for follow-up inspections & of course, unless we DON’T #PauseOfsted

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