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Coronavirus: find out what the union's doing to support you, why the NEU is backing #PauseOfsted and the vital link between belonging and behaviour. Enjoy the issue!

All you #PauseOfsted people - do you feel a sense of awe and wonder that you just asked and a few weeks later, it happened? Even if it was in a very roundabout way and for tragic reasons...Ofsted is now paused.
My mum used to say, be careful what you ask for...

Time to Stop Supporting a Broken System? | HeadTeacher RoundTable #PauseOfsted https://buff.ly/3aQIUgI < Dame Nicola Stephenson DBE, the CEO of the Valour Multi Academy Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, on why she resigned as an Ofsted inspector

RT @FrankWNorris: I agree and when the dust settles this will be difficult to recover from. In the greatest hour of need Ofsted still phoned schools. I will never forget this and it is seriously challenging my view of Ofsted being a force for good.

Now is the time to stand up for what is important. @SurreySqSchool life continues but we’re also putting plans in place for #schoolclosure to enable out #community to be #supported. Take action #pauseofsted and focus on what is important.

Anyone who is a #schoolleader will understand how the last few weeks have been. We are all working to safeguard our communities. So #pauseofsted. Let’s get our priorities straight @_bigeducation @SurreySqSchool

These are difficult and stressful times for all. Sadly it is not "Business as usual" OFSTED please use common sense and defer because of Coronavirus and new curriculum expectations.
#PauseOfsted #ukedchat #PrimaryRocks @MzBelindaW

@peteeccles68 @Ofstednews I’ve no issue with accountability/self-responsibility and I know that #APConnect Advanced Practitioners are so often the voices of reason, changing cultures. I’m calling for #pauseOfsted for ALL to take stock and think - how can we be kinder without losing rigour.

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