Meghan’s Truth

The Court of Public Opinion I promise to tell MY truth. MY whole truth. And nothing but MY truth. #catteachers

Tattoo Code

Raise the Twitter profile of your school. Pledge support for facial tattoos. @TattooCollective fights for students to have their faces tattooed.   #catteachers

Helpful Leadership

Several parents asked if the school could be more flexible. This is Headteacher Eric’s response. “We’re not here to help parents”, he said. #catteachers

Racial Profiling

Just driving my Mercedes. Cool tinted windows. Got pulled over by police officers, for refusing to stop. I complained, “this is racial profiling”. “Just because I’m […]

Demonstrate Wokeness #3

We should teach children to love learning. It’s not our job to teach them anything useful. It’s not our job to get them ready to earn […]

Demonstrate Wokeness #2

Decolonise the curriculum. White science, art, technology, invention, medicine, should no longer be taught. Highlight previously unknown Edith Black Catstatue  for her heroic work sitting by […]

Demonstrate Wokeness #1

We must recognise authors from all backgrounds. Here’s my balanced reading list for 5 year olds. 150 books all by black authors. #catteachers


Black Labour MPs have written to Home Secretary Priti Patel. They told her she’s not black enough to speak for BAME people. Are you black enough […]

Teacher Unions

Teacher unions complain that government won’t involve them. The unions are open to ANY ideas, but this is their line in the sand, and they ARE […]
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