OFSTED Breaks Heads

OFSTED says it has had positive feedback on its plan for an inspector to break the headteacher’s leg the day before inspection. Headteacher Simon (seen here […]

Knife Crime

Headteacher Tracy is a firm believer in a disciplined school environment. She excludes pupils who seriously disrupt learning. She is now told she is responsible for […]

EEF Months of Progress

This is NQT Darren. He follows all the latest EEF research. The latest showed that he could add 4 months of progress to his 5 year […]

OFSTED Curriculum Questions

Secondary Headteacher Mary is preparing for her interview with the inspector, under the new OFSTED focus on the curriculum. “What does your school teach about Colombia, […]

New Music Curriculum

Year 1 teacher Jennifer is gamely having a go at the new music curriculum for 5 year olds. Schools Minister Mr Gibb, who is a keen […]

Reception Baseline Assessment

Infant school Headteacher Mrs Marsh was thoughtful. When assessing reception students on the new baseline test, should she be “generous” or “harsh” with her marking? If […]

Flexible Male Teacher

David is a modern metro-sexual teacher of the 21st Century. David genuinely supports women having flexible working hours. In his school most of the staff are […]

Governors’ Meetings

Headteacher Geraldine is preparing papers for the governors’ meeting. Papers are sent to governors before each meeting, but Geraldine knows that most of the governors will […]

Knowledge or Skills?

Felix has competence with the skateboard. He can do it. He can do it rather well. He has learnt how to do it. The edu-twitter fanatics want to […]
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