Knowledge or Skills?

Felix has competence with the skateboard. He can do it. He can do it rather well. He has learnt how to do it. The edu-twitter fanatics want to […]

Death of Teaching

Mr Thomas came into teaching because he loved his subject. He loved explaining things to children. Now Mr Thomas is told to research how to teach. […]

OFSTED Drowning Not Waving

Like many other teachers James was drowning. Drowning under the weight of accountability frameworks. Drowning under the pressure over which he had no control. To save […]


Cassie was caught red handed stealing food. Her mucky paws were everywhere and the whole family were disgusted by her behaviour. “What have you got to […]

Cognitive Science Fads

Mrs Tibbycat was bombarded by messages about how best to feed her kittens. Had she read the latest research? Was she using applied Cognitive Science? Mrs […]

Oldschool Textbooks

Sara is an “oldschool” teacher. Back in the day publishers produced textbooks, and hundreds of schools bought them & teachers delivered lessons using the textbooks. Now, […]

Twitter Head Ache

One of Headteacher Joel’s staff has just tweeted that a person publicly supporting Islamic State,  should be allowed back into the UK. Now parents are writing […]

OFSTED Consultation Con

Sharon has been teaching for many years under various OFSTED frameworks. Now she is being asked to comment on the latest OFSTED Framework proposals. She thinks […]

OFSTED – Pressure

Headteacher Brian, aged 50. Every day between 9 am and 10.30 am, Brian waited for a call from the random OFSTED inspector who had the power […]
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