The “Little Shit”

Here’s Head of Year 9, Mrs Peterson. She has just taken a phone call from James’ mum (who has an English PhD). James’ mum did authorise […]

Pupil Politics

Mr Trendy Teacher had encouraged his students to bunk off school and attend the Climate Change demo. This went down well with all his fellow left […]

Absence Request

Headteacher Mr Jackson. He is busy in his office when Year 9 student Christina enters. Could she have permission to take the day off to attend […]

Spaced Learning

Miss Rogers had been on Twitter and read all about Spaced Learning. As an older teacher she asked one of her year 11 pupils to help […]

Retrieval Practice

Rodney being a new teacher is always keen to know about the latest ideas in pedagogy. He had just been to the latest INSET session on […]

Copier Jams

Bob decided to photocopy 50 two-sided sheets. Bob forgot that this almost certainly jams the machine. Bob is not very popular with other teachers. Bob decides […]

Act Like a Cat

Fetching is for dopes. Gidget has a brand new cattitude in the latest trailer for TheSecretLifeofPets2

Shoe Shop Teachers

Gordon is an Early Years Teacher. News that Clarks Shoe Shop staff have been asked to help tackle literacy skills, has not gone down well with […]

Your Cat’s Photo in The Gallery

Calling all #catteachers. If you are a #catteacher you should know that we have a new Gallery section where you can add your own cat’s photo. […]
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