Changing Lives

Sam’s friends graduated with him and went into many different professions. Law, finance, business, design, advertising. Sam became a teacher. They all do their jobs. Sam […]

Competence or Charisma

Eric pondered. Does society want a teaching profession built on: Professional competence? Or Personal charisma?

OFSTED Time Wasting

OFSTED requires schools to create a curriculum from scratch. So Felix decided to waste even more time, and create the alphabet from scratch. Felix wonders when […]

Cognitive Science

For 4 million years humans have been teaching their children (successfully). In the past 5 years children stopped learning, if teachers didn’t have a Cognitive Science […]

OFSTED Listens

OFSTED’s claims to genuinely listen to criticism were dealt a blow when we visited their Head Office today. #CatTeachers

New BrainGym

How we laughed at Brain Gym! Things are so much better now. Cognitive Load Theory Pupils “building interconnecting schema in their heads”. No overloading of Working […]


Exclude a pupil for 1 day = Cannot be “Outstanding”. Pupils cannot define Business vs Enterprise = “Requires Improvement”. 2 Year KS3 = “Special Measures” #CatTeachers […]

Be Afraid!

Latest OFSTED Inspection Guidance “The acquisition of knowledge through a well-planned, carefully structured and sequenced curriculum enables pupils to build an interconnecting schema. Expertise depends on […]

OFSTED Feedback

An OFSTED spokesperson said, “The feedback we receive after an inspection continues to be very positive”. #CatTeachers #PauseOfsted
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