Lesson Starters

Mr Smith had been teaching longer than he would like to admit. He did try to keep up to date. Some said he was rather late […]

Brain Gym

Simon remembers all those CPD sessions on Brain Gym. He particularly liked having his “brain button” pressed. All this has now been dismissed as bunkum. But […]

Crossing Red Lines

Gerald trained as a teacher in the 1980s, As a professional! Now there are so many red lines he is not allowed to cross. “Sod it”, […]

Direct Instruction

Geography teacher Mr Simons has been teaching for 30 years. What he calls “teaching” is now hailed as “Direct Instruction“. “There’s nothing new in teaching”, says […]

Parent Emails

She had been dreading this all day. Head of Year Mrs Jones had that sinking feeling!

Growth Mindset

After 20 years teaching, Ms Smith felt it was time to update herself on new educational ideas. Hmmmm! “Growth Mindset is really rather fun”, she thought. […]

Academy Freedoms

After her maintained school joined the Multi Academy Trust, Headteacher Mrs Thomas and her Deputy were left wondering: Are the extra Academy freedoms they now had, […]

Dual Coding

Mr Tibbles liked to keep up with all the latest teaching trends. He was finding “dual coding” very helpful in finding his next meal.


After Winchester, Oxbridge, and 5 weeks’ TeachFirst training, Robert was fully prepared to spend 2 years teaching lower class poor children; before joining the family business […]