German Homework

This is Alice. She’s a language teacher. One of her Y8 German class is denying vehemently having used Google Translate to do his homework. Alice points […]

End of Term

This is Kim. It is the last week of term. Every lesson she is asked if this lesson will be a “fun” lesson as if her […]


Even after 15 years as a teacher, Chris hadn’t quite learnt how to pace himself on the first day of the school holidays.   #catteacher #catteachers

Marking Policy

Geoff just wants to write “Well done” with a pen of his choice. But he has just remembered the two page non-negotiables for marking.   #catteacher […]

Chemistry Teacher

Mr Smith, Chemistry teacher. Uncanny resemblance to Walter White. Surprisingly touchy on the subject. Wants beard glitter for Christmas but anticipates socks.   #catteacher #catteachers


Ron, NQT, 23. Likes wafers and Lyles Golden Syrup. Doesn’t like Friday with year 9.   #catteacher #catteachers

Cognitive Load Theory

Craig, 34, Maths teacher. Talks incessantly about Cognitive Load Theory. He uses it as an excuse to avoid putting up displays, and to get away with […]

Break Duty

Sandra, 49. KS1 lead with a passion for re-stapling other people’s shoddy displays. Sandra can’t remember the last time she did a break duty and it […]

Head of English

This is David. He is the Head of English. Regularly attends data meetings where he has no idea what is going on. Just wants to get […]
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