Part-Time SLT

Part-time SLT teachers Jodie and Jacinda love their stress-free 50:50 job share. They always leave the other to make every decision. Staff say they can be […]

Ice Sculpture Wins

The Cat Prime Minister would not debate, so Channel 4 News replaced the PM with an ice sculpture. After an hour of debate by the other […]

Alethiometer Spinner

The Alethiometer, nicknamed the symbol-reader, was a compass-like device that was used to communicate with Dust and find truthful answers to one’s questions. Only six Alethiometers were ever made.

FCCT CharteredCollege

FCCT = Forgotten Craft of the Classroom Teacher Loving your subject Explaining clearly Maintaining discipline NOT: Evidence based cognitive load research baloney, as proposed by Chartered […]

Teachers’ Manifesto

Alison is FCCT. Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. Chartered College Teachers’ Manifesto makes interesting reading. Time off every day for research. Part time working. […]

Twitter Parents

Now that parents have found Ms Jones on Twitter, she has to deal with queries that the whole world can read. Parent grumbles about every sodding […]

Character Education

Headteacher Jennifer was so pleased to receive the new DfE Character Education Guidance. DfE say it is just guidance, and not compulsory! No problem then. #catteachers

Voting Age

Miss James has heard that 16 year olds could be given the vote. “Would this help them to give homework in on time?” #catteachers

Identity Politics

After Missy identified as a dog, she got a lot more attention from university student activists. But would it last, she wondered! #catteachers
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