Brexit Wisdom?

Mr Green is puzzled about the wisdom of young people. LibDems say that most 18-24 year olds voted to stay in the EU, “because of their […]

Behaviour Management

No more “booths”. No need for detentions! No more low level disruption! Amazing new behaviour management technique boosts learning 500%.

Exciting Lessons – Dead?

Jenny used to love exciting lessons. Her teacher developed the lesson and she was surprised and excited. Then everything changed! Her teacher now makes a list […]

Verbal Feedback

Teacher Joe Thomas liked giving verbal feedback. He didn’t like then having to find little Sophie’s exercise book, and writing: Today’s Date Verbal Feedback Given Signed […]

Lesson Starters

Mr Smith had been teaching longer than he would like to admit. He did try to keep up to date. Some said he was rather late […]

Brain Gym

Simon remembers all those CPD sessions on Brain Gym. He particularly liked having his “brain button” pressed. All this has now been dismissed as bunkum. But […]

Crossing Red Lines

Gerald trained as a teacher in the 1980s, As a professional! Now there are so many red lines he is not allowed to cross. “Sod it”, […]

Direct Instruction

Geography teacher Mr Simons has been teaching for 30 years. What he calls “teaching” is now hailed as “Direct Instruction“. “There’s nothing new in teaching”, says […]

Parent Emails

She had been dreading this all day. Head of Year Mrs Jones had that sinking feeling!