Be Afraid!

Latest OFSTED Inspection Guidance “The acquisition of knowledge through a well-planned, carefully structured and sequenced curriculum enables pupils to build an interconnecting schema. Expertise depends on […]

OFSTED Feedback

An OFSTED spokesperson said, “The feedback we receive after an inspection continues to be very positive”. #CatTeachers #PauseOfsted

Drowning Delayed

OFSTED has relaxed inspection regulations for one year. Headteacher Steve looks forward to drowning next year. #CatTeachers


Get ready to be failed by OFSTED. Here are the details of what OFSTED are really looking for. You could not make this stuff up! These […]


Teacher Dave has been told he “must NOT overload working memory“. Dave remembers the time before all this cognitive science crap. Happy times! #CatTeachers  

Tug of War

In the endless search for the best way to destroy the teaching profession, who will win the battle? #CatTeachers


Association for Self-Interest and Complacent Lethargy A spokesperson for ASCL said “Join us and we promise to do bugger all”. #CatTeachers

Not Leadership

ASCL have said today that they would NOT support calls to #PauseOfsted. Rex the dog wonders if L stands for Pathetic. #CatTeachers


OFSTED is destroying our education system. Enough is enough. Time to press PAUSE! #CatTeacher #CatTeachers