#HeforShe Role Models

Brian is that rarity, a male teacher in a Primary School. Brian is a great believer in having male role models for boys. His motto is […]

Progressive Parenting

New mum and equalities campaigner Belinda, asked her Twitter followers, “Why are men never expected to do the breast feeding?”. #CatTeachers #WomenEd #HeforShe

Profile Photos

Simone is an keen Twitter and Facebook user. She loves to post quirky comments. On the left is her Profile Photo. Cute, don’t you think. This […]


Lib Dem teacher Layla liked to keep up with all the latest trends. LGBTQ+ is so old hat. Pansexual is the way to go! Pansexualphilia has […]

Too Busy For Textbooks

Teachers know they should not “reinvent the wheel”. Every day millions of teachers write their own worksheets, and photocopy them. Too busy to save time using […]

Why #FBPE?

Tristan is a trendy Twitter user. He has #FBPE on his profile. No one knows why. Not even Tristan. #CatTeachers

Real Progressives

Jolyon liked to portray himself as “progressive”. But the real Jolyon clubbed a fox to death with a baseball bat, whilst wearing his old school blazer. […]


Student Joel is black. He got a Stormzy “black scholarship” to Cambridge because he is black. Student Eddie is white. He is not allowed a “white […]

Trans Rights

Sidney self identifies as a dog, and so is a dog. Those born as dogs don’t think this is fair. Sidney is happy. He likes winning. […]
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