Velociraptor Trouble

Over the years Teacher Simon has fondly compared his students to many things. But Simon is a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to Twitter. […]

Coke-Head Gove

Teacher Denise remembers Education Secretary Michael Gove. He called her part of “The Blob”. He destroyed her life as a teacher! Now she realises it must […]

Off-Rolling & OFSTED

OFSTED inspector Amanda says that OFSTED is totally against schools “off-rolling” low achieving pupils. OFSTED believes in equality. She told reporters that Betta Academy has been […]

#WomenEd Equality

41 year old teacher Josie is a passionate advocate of #WomenEd. There are so many injustices! After 4 years teaching, Josie spent 15 years away from […]

TeachFirst Quality

After 2 years teaching, followed by 2 years banking, 26 year old TeachFirst alumnus Robert, is now a Headteacher. Robert says TeachFirst trainees take professionalism to […]

Diving with OFSTED

OFSTED’s new handbook announces that inspectors will be undertaking “deep dives”. So Claire’s school has announced that all teachers must now take diving lessons. Claire wonders […]

Greta Knows

Greta (16) has talked about Climate Change. At the mention of her name, middle class nerds around the world are drooling as they blockade city centres. […]

No Exclusions

Josephine is an edu-twitter “teacher” who believes schools should never exclude pupils. Josephine taught for 2 years in a one form entry primary school in the […]

Rebel Teachers

Middle Class teacher Jenny felt it was jolly important to get arrested for being a member of #ExtinctionRebellion. Climate change was going to kill everyone! Jenny […]