Ban The Booths

Steve teaches at a school where they have “banned the booths”. When students were difficult in lessons they used to be sent to a referral room. […]

Balanced Views

Simon is a history teacher, head of year, and Twitter user. He knows that teachers shape the minds of young people, and the need for balance. […]

10% Braver

Jane believes men & women should be treated equally. Equal pay for equal work. “Close the pay gap!” She also wants, Fridays off, late starts on […]

National Curriculum Lunacy

The National Curriculum took years to develop. But it has vanished. So Head of Dept Eric creates a curriculum for his subject, in his school. (Like […]

Have It All

Head of Maths and “have it all” mother Camilla, has demanded her “rights” to not working on Fridays, late starts and early finishes to manage her […]

Retrieval Practice

“Retrieval Practice”, the latest buzzwords. But Ms Jones says she has been dong retrieval practice for years. We used to call it “Practice Makes Perfect”. #CatTeachers […]

Part-Time SLT

Part-time SLT teachers Jodie and Jacinda love their stress-free 50:50 job share. They always leave the other to make every decision. Because they can be relied […]

Ice Sculpture Wins

The Cat Prime Minister would not debate, so Channel 4 News replaced the PM with an ice sculpture. After an hour of debate by the other […]

Alethiometer Spinner

The Alethiometer, nicknamed the symbol-reader, was a compass-like device that was used to communicate with Dust and find truthful answers to one’s questions. Only six Alethiometers were ever made.
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