Action Research

Tom hoped to improve learning in his classroom. He wanted to find out if pupils wrote better with sharp pencils. Someone on Twitter told him this […]

The Teaching Expert

Dr Miranda says she is a “teaching expert”. She appears on TV and radio and gives her “expert” views on what teachers think. Self awareness is […]

Evidence Based Twaddle

Simon and Rowena have noticed that everything has to be “EVIDENCE” based. Evidence based learning! Evidence informed curriculum! As long as it is “evidence based”, you […]

Roman History

What have the Romans ever done for us? Aye? What? Just tell me one thing!

Welcome To The Team

Brian is a leader of many years. Despite that serious look, he knows that making the team work, is vital to everyone’s success. Brian says, “OUR […]

Brexit Wisdom?

Mr Green is puzzled about the wisdom of young people. LibDems say that most 18-24 year olds voted to stay in the EU, “because of their […]

Alternative to Booths

No more “booths”. No need for detentions! No more low level disruption! Amazing new behaviour management technique boosts learning 500%.

Exciting Lessons – Dead?

Jenny used to love exciting lessons. Her teacher developed the lesson and she was surprised and excited. Then everything changed! Her teacher now makes a list […]

Verbal Feedback

Teacher Joe Thomas liked giving verbal feedback. He didn’t like then having to find little Sophie’s exercise book, and writing: Today’s Date Verbal Feedback Given Signed […]
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