OFSTED – Protecting Staff

The New OFSTED Framework 2019 “OFSTED will consider the extent to which leaders protect staff from bullying and harassment”. Josie’s headteacher had told her that finishing […]


Ms Tiddles teaches PSHE. The curriculum she teaches clearly states that stereotyping is wrong. However, Ms Tiddles still has concerns that she is going to be […]

Student Direct Action

Year 11 student Josh wanted to take some direct action. His friend toycat was protesting. So Josh decided to protest in the same way. They would […]

Flattening The Grass

Tobias had been “flattening the grass”. Now he was notorious on Social Media. Some people were even comparing him to The Devil. Tobias realised, just one […]

Progressive Parents

Headteacher Sam (pictured) has just received a holiday request letter from Jacinda’s mother, Mx Righton. Mx Righton wants to take Jacinda to the Caribbean for 3 […]

Just Thinking

Veronica is one of the country’s 500,000 actually working teachers. She has been thinking. Why is she told to improve teaching by: reading research from people […]

Evidence Based Teaching

Part-time NQT Claire, is a member of the Chartered College of Teaching. She hopes one day to be a Fellow so that she can put letters […]

The “Little Shit”

Here’s Head of Year 9, Mrs Peterson. She has just taken a phone call from James’ mum (who has an English PhD). James’ mum did authorise […]

Pupil Politics

Mr Trendy Teacher had encouraged his students to bunk off school and attend the Climate Change demo. This went down well with all his fellow left […]