After Winchester, Oxbridge, and 5 weeks’ TeachFirst training, Robert was fully prepared to spend 2 years teaching lower class poor children; before joining the family business […]

Email Bans

Headteacher Josephine has introduced a new policy of banning emails at weekends. But surely staff don’t mind a few from the headteacher on a quiet Sunday!

#Catteachers Card Requests

We have made some free “Thank You” cards that you can download here. We are now ready to make some more free cards for YOU. Let […]

First Class Hypocrisy

The Department for Education has spent £500,000 on first class travel, “to avoid attention from the public“. Due to lack of attention from the public, Headteacher […]

No Job or Prospects

This is Shane. Shane left school a year ago. He has no job and no prospects. His teachers told him they didn’t believe it was their […]

Mental Happiness

The DfE announced that new teachers will be given mental health training. This will “make clear schools’ responsibilities to protect children’s mental well-being”. Teacher Mr Thomas […]

Velociraptor Trouble

Over the years Teacher Simon has fondly compared his students to many things. But Simon is a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to Twitter. […]

Coke-Head Gove

Teacher Denise remembers Education Secretary Michael Gove. He called her part of “The Blob”. He destroyed her life as a teacher! Now she realises it must […]

Off-Rolling & OFSTED

OFSTED inspector Amanda says that OFSTED is totally against schools “off-rolling” low achieving pupils. OFSTED believes in equality. She told reporters that Betta Academy has been […]
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