Pulling Out All The Stops

When you have an unresponsive class, sometimes you have to ham it up a bit. Sometimes that works. Sometimes you are left wondering, “Am I in […]

First Class

Trainee teacher Felicity is just starting Teaching Practice. This is day 1. Meeting the class for the first time. #catteacher #catteachers

Head’s New Policy

Headteacher Gloria likes to involve staff in all major policy decisions. At the staff meeting, Gloria has just announced the school’s new marking policy. This is […]

New Head of Staff Development

Cheryl is the newly appointed Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Staff Development. This is her first INSET day. Despite new GCSE syllabuses needing work, Cheryl believes […]


Belinda has been Head of Year 11 for 18 years. Now that her own children have finished university she has a bit more spare cash for […]

Self Awareness

Geoff has been teaching KS3 science for 5 years. Working in a shortage subject he found it easy to get a job in teaching. He was content with his work. But other teachers thought self awareness was not Geoff’s strong point.

Theory Into Practice

David, 29, Double First in maths from Oxford. Just switched from banking to teaching. Time to make a real difference. Time to put theory into practice!!! How hard can teaching be?

Fighting Against Excessive Workload

The head of the teaching union was ready for a fight with government. I am standing up for overworked teachers everywhere. I demand action to reduce workload. I stand firm. The fight is on. Oh well!

Killer Stare

Irene, 30 years an English Teacher, is not fooled by year 11 students texting under the desk. That killer stare is perfection. #catteacher #catteachers