Copier Jams

Bob decided to photocopy 50 two-sided sheets. Bob forgot that this almost certainly jams the machine. Bob is not very popular with other teachers. Bob decides […]

Act Like a Cat

Fetching is for dopes. Gidget has a brand new cattitude in the latest trailer for TheSecretLifeofPets2

Shoe Shop Teachers

Gordon is an Early Years Teacher. News that Clarks Shoe Shop staff have been asked to help tackle literacy skills, has not gone down well with […]

Your Cat’s Photo in The Gallery

Calling all #catteachers. If you are a #catteacher you should know that we have a new Gallery section where you can add your own cat’s photo. […]

Explaining Rules

Here I am with my human friend Joel. Joel’s parents don’t believe in giving him any rules unless they can explain them to him first. Joel’s […]

Zero Tolerance

“Rough and Tumble” in the corridors. Twitter experts question the new Head Teacher’s policy of zero tolerance, that aims to improve behaviour. The corridors are not […]

Impact of Technology

Sheila has been an English teacher for a “few” years. She has been reading that The Chartered College of Teaching has been promoting “the impact of […]

MAT Fat Cats

MAT CEO Sir Steven said his “fat cat” title was inappropriate. An annual pay rise of 18%, and a salary double that of the Prime Minister, […]

Academy Malpractice

Bobcat the MAT CEO, was accused of malpractice. The finger was clearly pointed. A DfE spokesperson said, “We hold Academies to a higher level of scrutiny […]